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I'm Sanne

I’m Sanne. Dutch, 25 y/o and addicted to travelling.  Whether it’s a city trip absorbing culture, going back to basic in the mountains or finding the best hidden beach, every place has its charm. With my backpack, camera and laptop, I work and travel full-time. I made it my personal goal to share these amazing places with you and, hopefully, inspire youa to chase that dream.

My love for the world started early. I love languages and other cultures, and speak Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish. At the age of 17, I started travelling to Tanzania and a couple of months later solo to Peru & Bolivia.

Saying I’ve been hooked ever since is an understatement. Every year there is at least one long backpacking trip scheduled and a couple of city trips. I’m happiest anywhere where there’s water (Pisces, huh?) and in general where animals are around. I’m truly mad about animals. Apart from the culture, food, and things to do in a country, the spiritual experience is very important to me. Find me meditating in the mountains, absorbing energy in temples and clearing her mind in water.

An ideal day starts with an extensive brunch, working on my business for some hours, hopping on a motorbike to chase a beautiful hidden spot, and spending the late afternoon swimming, finishing the day watching the sunset somewhere. Oh, and take pictures and videos in between, LOTS of them.

Professionally I’m a content marketeer and enjoy (copy)writing, branding, (web) design and photography. Check out for some work.

My favourite destination ever is Peru, because the mountains are unique, the culture is vibrant and there’s a very high and clean energy in the Sacred Valley. And alpaca’s. How can you not love alpaca’s?!

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